Apply for a Grant

Research Associates Foundation (RAF) consists of people who seek a society with a more equitable distribution of wealth and power. Our intent is to promote activism and education for activism in order to achieve these goals.


RAF gives small grants $500 – $2500 to groups engaged in organizing, activism, research and education for social change. We define organizing as collective action to challenge the status quo, to demand changes in policy and practice, and to educate communities about the causes of and solutions to the problems they face.

We support strategies that build community, encourage collaboration, increase skills and access to resources, and produce leadership by those being most directly affected by the problem. High priority is given to groups that fall outside of mainstream funding sources because of their politics.

RAF funds organizations and individuals that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. organize and educate people to take action;
  2. encourage alliances and collaboration among social change organizations;
  3. promote innovative approaches to organizing and activism;
  4. conduct research where the specific intent is to promote social activism.

RAF does not fund:

  1. political parties or candidates;
  2. groups or agencies whose mission is to provide direct services (to individuals, families or communities) that are not part of progressive organizing activities;
  3. research, litigation or legal organizations that are not directly connected to progressive organizing campaigns;
  4. organizations located outside of the Baltimore metropolitan area
  5. the development or production of books, films, videos or radio projects not related to progressive organizing campaigns;
  6. media or cultural organizations or individuals not connected to progressive organizing campaigns;
  7. other foundations or grant giving organizations.

Grant applications for the next grant cycle are due April 29, 2019. Up to 5 grants will be awarded in each grant cycle.

For the upcoming grant cycle we are particularly interested in proposals that wrestle with the classist, racist, and sexist consequences of the current presidential administration, from increased hate crimes to increased attempts to surveil and harass undocumented workers. While we cannot guarantee funding, these proposals will receive particular attention from the RAF board. Proposals focused on other issues will also continue to be considered.

To download the application, please click on “Download the Application” link above, or click here.

For more information, contact us at Lobbying of Board members by prospective grantees is prohibited.