The Research Associates Foundation (RAF) is committed to promoting progressive activism in the Baltimore, MD, area. In June 2010 RAF launched a new phase in its history, providing small grants to support the projects of local progressives.

Founded in 1982 by longtime activists, RAF owned and operated the Progressive Action Center (PAC) at Gorsuch and Kirk Streets in Baltimore. For many years the Progressive Action Center was a significant center for events, organizing and information related to anti-racist and anti-imperialist movements, along with women’s, LGBTQ, and workers’ rights groups and campaigns. With changing community needs, however, in 2009 Research Associates Foundation sold the PAC in order to begin its new grant-making phase and continue to invest in the Baltimore peace and social justice community.

Despite the fact that the economic and political climate has become increasingly repressive and exploitative, we understand that there is nothing more powerful than an empowered community of change. We believe this so strongly that we are investing resources in progressive projects, actions, and research aimed at reversing these trends.

Our goal is to support activists from all generations who are working to create projects, dialogues, and data that create a more equitable and just society.

Mission Statement

Research Associates Foundation (RAF) is dedicated to fostering research, organizing and action in the left community of the Baltimore area. In June 2010 RAF launched a new phase in its history, providing small grants ($500 – $2,500) to support specific projects of local progressives.  Our goal is to enrich and enable progressive social change in Baltimore and to create an enduring financial resource for the Baltimore left.


The deadline for the Spring 2018 grant cycle is Monday, April 30 at 5pm. Please see "News & Updates" below for details about the info sessions.